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My Story

I joined Scentsy March 2012, I had a very successful house cleaning business, but I was so extremely depressed. I had severe anxiety, which I still deal with. I hated my job. I dreaded waking up every morning to go to work. I hated my drive. I hated everything about my job. I’d come home miserable. I was always trying to find little hobbies to make extra money and keep me happy… I was painting nails at a local school event to help out when I met my upline, she changed my life. She asked me to join, after months of thinking about it I joined. I did well right away, I recruited, I was making money… I was doing parties, lots of them.. But most of all I was HAPPY. I loved Scentsy. I was sharing Scentsy everywhere I could. A few short months after joining I went to Las Vegas for a convention, I barely had the money to make my car payment but I knew I HAD to go. That week again, changed my life. I realized this can be something ANYONE can do. I was inspired by many. I came home so full of hope, motivation and HAPPINESS. I was driven. I took off running. May 2013 I shut my cleaning business down. I haven’t looked back since, I also paid off that car loan, I honestly never thought I would! I have earned many free trips in my years with Scentsy. I have made money I never thought was possible with this “candle business”. But, the one thing I’ve done that I never thought I would do is inspire and motivate others. Inspire and motivate others to do what I’ve done. ANYONE REALLY can do this. No matter what you have or don’t have in life. Scentsy has given me more than just a story. It’s given me a job I truly love, confidence I never had, and a chance to work from home in my 20s… Scentsy has given me the travel bug, and the best part is most of it has been for free! But, most of all, Scentsy has given me some of the BEST friends I could ask for. The best team members to work with every day. I get to motivate and inspire the way I was motivated and inspired. I was given this box full of “stuff”… The same box of stuff everyone gets, what I did with that box has truly changed my life. I Choose Scentsy. I live and breathe Scentsy. I LOVE MY JOB! I have so much passion for what I do, and you could too!